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Recording at the Refuge (Interview)

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Arctic Fox
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Spring Runoff


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Arctic Soundscape Project

Arctic Collection

In early June of 2006, three teams of recording engineers traveled to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to systematically capture the sounds of this remote and wild region. From the period of June 2-11, audio recordings were made at three locations representing different biomes: Timber Lake (boreal/taiga/tundra), Sunset Pass (foothills/tundra) and Beaufort Lagoon (coastal plain located within Refuge Area 1002, a site of proposed oil and gas exploration). These recordings can be heard here as part of the Arctic Soundscape Project. Arctic recording team member Dr. Bernie Krause writes: "From the audio data we will be able to extract and analyze (l) organism presence and density, (2) acoustic characteristics of the habitats and landscapes (3) provide a baseline collection against which to measure future impact of human noise, climate, and habitat changes within those sites, and (4) provide audio data for a wide range of applications for science, education, the arts, and conservation advocacy." Search recordings from the collection or listen to selected highlights on this page. Special thanks to Dr. Bernie Krause, Martyn Stewart and Dr. Kevin Colver for the use of their Arctic recordings.


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